Spring is in the air…

We have finally seen the sun! According to the weather forecast, we’ve finished up with the gloom for at least a week (fingers crossed). I snapped some pictures of the blooming flowers we have around the house today. It’s so nice to finally see color…blue skies and bright flowers. This …

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Seasonal Creek

With the large quantity of precipitation we’ve had over the last few weeks and all of the snow melt, our very seasonal creek (only in times of heavy precipitation) has joined us again. It is a welcome occurrence on our property as we love the sound of the roaring water. …

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Who needs a dog walker?

Even before we moved to our current property our standard poodle  joined us on excursions on the trails. When he was just a wee little pup he spent the day tagging along with us in a dried up river bed with a bunch of 4×4 vehicles. He was too young …

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Stacking Firewood

Well Autumn is officially here and days before rainfall are numbered, as if we dont always feel the pressure of winter looming over our heads. We had a spare pair of hands to help us today as we moved our freshly delivered firewood, sorted, and stacked it. The tractor was …

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Robin Chicks!

This spring we had 3 nests on corners of the house and 1 in a tree at eye level 10 feet from our back deck. I watched patiently day after day but I either all together missed the little babies or the nests were situated so the contents weren’t visible. …

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Hummingbird Feeder

We get quite a few visitors at our hummingbird feeder on the deck and have some pictures to share. This feeder is hanging on a post on the corner of the deck close to the Japanese Maple and some taller pines where the hummingbirds like to gather.

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