We are in the midst of a thriving summer garden, with 90+ degree days, and patiently awaiting the onset of fall. Among the many enjoyments of fall is the ability to work more comfortably in the garden. Because of the strict schedule the harsh sun (and the children) keeps me on, my working time in the garden is really limited to the short time between dawn and the sun rising up over the trees, which is about the time it takes to get everything watered. In the past, I’ve waited for the cooler days to direct sow our winter crops in the garden. This has worked ok for some crops, but the Brassicas family has always struggled mainly because of poor germination. This year I’m going to try to give these guys a head start by sowing them indoors.

The crops were decided, seeds were ordered, supplies were gathered. We use reusable seed starting trays with humidity domes and peat pots. Everything that I started is about 6 weeks out from transplanting into the garden.


I used the rest of the EB Stone soil starting mix that we had left over from our summer seedlings. After filling the peat pots, the soil was moistened thoroughly. Seeds were carefully planted, labeled, and covered. The tray will sit on the covered deck, out of direct sunlight; watered from the bottom, never the top. No concerns for keeping the trays warm, because it’s plenty cozy outside for them, even at night. Once they begin to sprout, the humidity dome will gradually be raised allowing air flow around the fragile seedlings to prevent mold or fungus.


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