HighBush Blueberries- the newbies

We recently added 3 more highbush blueberry bushes to our collection. Last year blueberries were an afterthought and needless to say we didn’t have a huge variety to choose from. This year we’ve balanced out the bunch by adding varieties that collectively will give us fruit all through summer and fall.
The added bonus to buying early this year was much cheaper prices. It’s a given that the plants weren’t as mature as the 2 we got last year but we paid about half the price. Score!

In order from left to right we’ve got:
Southmoon Southern Highbush blueberry which is a mid to late season producer, vigorous upright shape, will reach 5-6’ tall and should remain green through the fall and winter.
Oneal Southern Highbush blueberry which is a very early producer, upright spreading shape, 4-6’ mature height, and should grace us with orange/wine colored fall foliage. Can’t wait to see that.
Legacy Northern Highbush blueberry is on the far right. He is a late season producer with an open spreading shape, 4-6’ mature height, and beautiful crimson fall foliage. These are going to join the pair from last year which include:
Misty Early Season Southern Highbush blueberry which is a mid-summer to fall producer, upright shrub shape, 5-6’ mature height, and in cold winters will show red foliage.
Jubilee Southern Highbush blueberry is last but not least. She is a late summer to fall producer, has a compact upright shape, 4-5’ mature height, and yellow-orange fall foliage.
More detail on these 2 are here: planting blueberries.

We’ve got our blueberry needs covered! I salivate at the thought of blueberry panca

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