The Diamond – First House

The first house we decided to look at is approx. 1800 sq.f on 5 acres. 2 bed room, office and 2 bathroom with a great room concept, and a 3 car detached garage. The house sits back on the property behind a hill and is not viewable from the road, and behind the house is the rest of the land mostly a steep hill. Around the front of the house is enough parking for an army and room to add a second home if desired.

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House Shopping Notes

We have actively been looking at homes for sale online for almost a year now, and the market has come down so much we started to actually look in person. Because we have such strict home buying requirements we knew we wouldn’t be looking at many homes in person either way.

The houses we look at and discuss on this site will have nicknames for the property so that they are easy to remeber and so that we don’t disclose the exact location of the property we are looking at.