The Diamond – First House

The first house we decided to look at is approx. 1800 sq.f on 5 acres. 2 bed room, office and 2 bathroom with a great room concept, and a 3 car detached garage. The house sits back on the property behind a hill and is not viewable from the road, and behind the house is the rest of the land mostly a steep hill. Around the front of the house is enough parking for an army and room to add a second home if desired.

The house from the outside looks to need a roof, landscaping and just basic maintence.  After looking under the home we realized this was not a quality manufactured home but simply a double wide trailer. End of Deal right there… however we decided to contiue checking out the inside, etc just to feel it out and get an idea for future properties.

The inside needed carpet, and there were a few minor issues we saw.

Fast forward to the inspection (they had on file) and it was FILLED with problems. Leaking roof, poorly patched roof, leaking sky lights, etc, etc.

This house was nice, had a well and septic, great view, very private, tons of room to garden, park vehicles, etc.

To bad it as a mobile home and the price was way to high.

We also decided to stay away from mobile and modular homes so that in the future if we decide to sell and upgrade we will not have a hard time doing so and that our proprety/home value will go up faster/more.

First house -major flop.

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  1. Consider just bidding the lanf price minus cost of hauloff / demolition. It’s a buyer’s market!

  2. Hi Don – We thought about that, but to get a new building permit in this area ~40k after all said in done. The land then turned out to be over priced 🙁 Oh- WELL!

  3. Hey, I’ve seen your posts on ETS and checked out your blog site tonight. Have you checked out Western Nevada County yet? We’re not that far apart. We’re on 5 acres we bought 2 years ago. The house is nothing special, but the land is great and includes a miner’s inch of irrigation water. Anyway…it’s good to see someone from Nor Cal that’s looking for the same situation that we are trying to set up. Keep up the effort – I’m sure it will pay off! Dennis

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