Apple Moth Pest Control…The Organic Way

They’re codling moths and they can ravage your apples. Momma codling moth sprinkles her eggs on the leaves and flowers of the apple trees and once hatched, the larvae burrow into those juicy apples and feed for weeks.
We have not yet had any issues with this kind of pest but it’s all about prevention.
We opted for this easy, organic method to control apple moths.


It’s simple. Pop open this cardboard square which has a glue like substance smeared on the inside walls, drop in one of the lure squares which will stick to the glue, then hang it in the tree.

The lure square actually contains the female moth pheromone which attracts the males. The goal with this type of pest prevention is to trap the male moths before they have the opportunity to breed, thus eliminating the number of eggs the female codling moth will lay on the fruit trees.
The lures should be replaced every 4 weeks.
Another bonus is that this particular trap, Springstar Codling Moth Trap, is made in the USA.


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  1. I went to a gardening seminar held by our county Master Gardeners, and they said to use these traps, and once you get your first moth, that is the time to plan your spray. That the traps are not meant as prevention of the moths or their larva. Apparently this is what is used for the commercial orchards in my area.
    You don’t spay after finding the moths in the traps?

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