Planting a Vegetable Garden

We made a big push to get the garden going before losing too much of the growing season. Our season is pretty short normally with cool nights into early summer and they come back quickly in late summer. Even though day time temperatures get nice and toasty, the cool nights can really delay our garden growth. We spent a lot of time over Memorial Day weekend working on the fence, moving the raised garden beds, building a new bed, prepping the soil, and finally planting our vegetable starters.
I mix a store bought soil booster into the garden beds to replenish nutrients which have been depleted.

We filled the deepest bed with a variety of tomatoes. Half of the tomato starters are cherry size and the others are full size tomatoes. We plant the roots pretty deep on these guys because roots will sprout on the stem below the soil.  The middle bed is the home of squash this year: one yellow summer squash, two zucchini, and one cucumber. The last bed, which you can’t see, holds 4 bell pepper starters.


Once everything was planted, I went back and added the tomato cages. We were short a couple cages and used tall garden stakes instead.


I like to think of our garden as a Victory Garden, which is very fitting for a Memorial Day weekend.  Everything is in its place, now we wait.

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Rhi enjoys spending time with her family and working on the homestead. During spring and summer she is often found tending to her garden, and mini-orchard.

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