Our Dream Home?

After the last house turned out to be terrible we decided to be even more strict on the house looks and requirements.  When we found this house “Our Dream Home” we decided it was worth checking out!

  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Square Footage: 1777
  • Garage Spaces: 2

The house also had a LARGE pond fed by a cheap yearly fee irrigation water (~16,000gallons a 24hr period).
The house was on septic but also had public water so this was a plus too. Public Water, Irrigation Water and Septic, a well and we’d be set we thought.

We decided to go check out the property, and it was all we had thought and we fell in love with it.

The house is a tri-level house. In this picture it looks like two stories but behind and to the right it is a mid story. The top story is the kitchen and family room, middle is master, bath, and laundry, bottom is  3 bedrooms and another large bathroom.  The garage is 2 car with a storage area and a back room for more storage.

The large deck over looks the pond, unfortunately I have no pictures of the pond.

The kitchen was 100% re-done as was the entire rest of the house minus the walls and ceiling in places. New floors, cabinets, bathrooms, appliances, etc. It was AWESOME. Perfect.

Mild snow in winter made it perfect for us who have to commute to town some time during th week.

The dream home is perfect, and was the first home we put an offer on.
Unfortunate for us they accepted another offer right after we sent ours in 🙁 So, in the end we lost out on this house.

I am sorry for jamming all this into one post but I am trying to play catchup on the site.  All future entries will be entered as they come along, and most likely something like this would have been 2 or 3 posts.

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