2 Homes one day

Well we found two homes relatively close to check out and decided to make a day out of it.  They were not to far from work or where we are now compared to others we’d checked out, and they both looked unique in the pictures online.

The first house we looked at was a potential possiblity on the condition we could build a garage since it had NONE.  The house was supposed to be empty as the home owner living their said they were gone we knocked, called, no one answered so we went in.  We checked out the kitche, the none existent living room and dining area then went to the master bedroom and guess what a lady was just getting out ofthe shower.. how SHOCKING! She had no idea we were coming over (YA RIGHT!) and acted as if there was no problem.  So, we continued to checkout the house up stairs to find out the lofts were tiny, missing stairs on one and VERY poor layout. We left the house without taking any pictures or even looking in the master bedroom.

The second house we went to check out was to just “look” for the future in case the price went down as they were asking nearly 400,000.  This house was on 10 acres, a dead end road, had an OVER SIZED 3 car garage that was finished, extra tall w/tall doors 🙂 Very awesome.  This house also had an apple tree, 600sq/ft garden area, large deck, view of a valley, and a path to a small lake out the back.  Also, the house was just re-done/added on to recently too.  New wood floors, kitchen, entire inside, etc.  Now on to the bad! The house was not done professionaly, the house was registered as a mobile home yet it’s only partly a mobile home now, the AC unit is near the front door, the craftsmenship was very bad, the master bedroom has a bathtub next to the bed, and the rooms were VERY TINY. This house was a DISASTER TOO! But boy was the land, garage, and outside area nice.

Darn! 🙁

To bad houses in one day talk about a waste.

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