A house with a view

The pictures of this house made it look almost fake, and the interior was interesting looking in the pictures.  Since we’d seen homes look totally different in person than pictures we decided it was worth checking out. Another thing to note about this house was that it is in the complete opposite direction of the other homes we’ve been looking at.  We have been trying to stay North East and this house was South West, not to south or too west but noticable, and on the edge of a change in scenery.

We did some research on this place prior to checking it out to make sure it fit the bill of what we wanted.

3 Bed 2 Bath.
HUGE walk-in master closet.
Master Bed had a sitting room and balcony attached which were nice features.
5 Acres, Well Water, Septic System, paved right up to the house on a private road from a 1 lane county road.
The house was built in 2001, and had sold for almost 600,000 a couple years ago. They were now asking 350,000.

Front of the house, you can see the 3 car garage, and master bed on top story. The master bedroom is that entire room where the window is and it actually goes all the way to the far right of the garage, and there is a balcany in there too.  This is a tiled room with no windows (obviously) and the master bed on left balcony on the right.  A good storage area, or we thought a nice spot for the bed since it was a lot cooler and darker in there, not to mention a good breeze would go through with the windows and slider open.

Plenty spots to park storag eunits, trailers, etc. The top road actually goes into the trees and loops around to the bottom, and contines down far right too.  Directly to the left of me where the shadow is near the post is the well house, it is nice and new with newish equipment too. Afterall, the house was builtin 2001.

Plenty spots to park trailers, tractors, a storage unit or two next to the garage.

You can also see the balcony from this shot.

This is directly in front of the house across the road. The house is to the right of me, and the tree half in the picture is a large oak that is on the road to the house too. The road pictured near me in the picture is the one in the previous picture (bottom).  The bottom area is flat and would make a nice pond area.

This is a profile picture of the house to the left is front to the right is the back. I`m sure you can tell now that we’ve looked at a few propertie sI’ve started taking pictures of EVERYTHING, more on this topic to come.

This is the view from the down stairs bedroom.  Nice view of a valley in the distance.

This was a nice flat open area on the opposite side of the house as the garage.  The oak trees have gone crazy and with trimming to 10ft and clearing out this would make an extremely nice garden area.  As you can tell it would need clearing a bit to make enough sun shine through.

This is behind me in the above picture, it’s the entry to the house. This is the kitchen, dining and family room entry area. I am not sure why they decided two sliding doors next to each other was a good idea.

The kitchen, and pantry, all high-end appliances.

This is the upstairs loft above the kitchen.  It over looks the living area, has two nice ceiling fans and plenty storage and room for an office.

This is looking into the master bedroom. The bedroom is the carpeted area and the tile is the room off of the bedroom leading to the balcony. The two light areas on the left are the closet and the bathroom.

The master closet is huge, shelves and racks on both sides and enough room to add more.

The view from the upstairs bathroom (master) and the master bedroom closet!

The private road to the house, it’s fenced behind me so no one can get in without a key. The road goes up winds left then right to the drive.  It’s VERY private, no solicitors!

Another shot of the private driveway looking the other way. VERY LONG 🙂

That’s all the pictures I have to post and the information regarding this house.

We’ve decided to put an offer in for 315,000.  This is a short sale, and has been on the market over 100 days.  It was previously listed last year for 599,000 (DREAMING IN THIS MARKET!).

I will update when I get the word about the house with a view 🙂

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