A house with a view Update #1

So, we heard back from the selling agent about the house with a view and it doesn’t sound good. Since it’s a short sale the bank has the final say and the last offer they received the bank took 2 months to get back on and their counter was for almost 50,000 more than their asking price 🙁 CRAZY! In this market you’d think they would want to sell it ASAP and jump on the offers and deal right then and not wait 2 months.

The sellers agent did say that she thought our offer was fair based on the current market and the condition of the home, and that she would try to talk to the bank about the situation, etc.

Fast forward a few hours and the sellers agent calls and discusses very rudely with our agent requirements for putting in our offer (pre-qual from said bank).  She basically forgot to tell us this prior to our offer submisson got heat from the bank and had to call us back.  She was VERY RUDE and if we could have I would have called the bank and told them that this lady caused them to lose a sale of a home.

We thought it over, and decided to lookpast her rudeness and get pre-qualified (which took 5 minutes on the phone and was totaly worthless for them and uss) and we submitted our offer.

Update: As of August 25th, 2008 we never heard back.

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