Demolition Day 2

The stripping down of the house has started! Checkout these pictures as we remove the wood paneling, the roof, some trees and over growth and more!

The wood paneling in living room, kitchen, pantry area, and fireplace area has started to come down. All that drywall with clumps of glue… it’s gotta go soon too!!

Removing the paneling on the back side of the bathroom where the toilet revealed some nasty black mold and a repair section of drywall… this all has to go now too because of the mold and glue.

The shower and bathroom floor has been removed. .. drywall removal coming soon!

The roofers also got the roof removed down to the sheathign too.

We started removing a very poorly designed closet. The entrance was on the right, and you had to walk the narrow closet to access anything in there. This was like a dungeon and only a 6ft 50lb “midget” could get anything in or out of there. This room is going to be the office so we actually are removing the closet 100% and gaining some floor space. If we ever sell we`ll add a new closet.

Awesome! I wondered why there was multiple switches and light fixtures in the same region throughout the house… a seperate 12 volt system! Afterall this house was built a year or so before power was available. This will make it (hopefully) easier to have a seperate 12 volt system for ligthing when the power goes out.

Slowly making progress on cleaning up the small trees and over grown bushes in the back yard.

Clearing out even more off the rear deck in the back yard. You can actually see some clearing!

Started to put down some Oil Based Killz paint in the bathroom too “just in case” the smell of moisture was in the wood / stuff we didn’t remove. A couple coats of Killz is pretty darn thick and blocks out everything!

As you can see we’ve started to make progress on the demolition of our soon to be Self Sufficient Home 🙂

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