Demolition day number 1!

Demolition day number and also some new additions. With multiple people helpingout it was quick to see old things removed and demolished and new things like doors installed. Demolition is not all fun and can be dangerous if you don’t wear respirators when dealing with mold and nasty drywall dust… so becareful!

The front patio cover has been removed to make way for the new roof and mainly for the clearance of the new gutters we`ll be installing. Also in this picture you`ll notice we installed a new pre-hung front door and lock set.

The mud room got a new front door and lock set as well.

Wood paneling had to come off inside the house, and then the drywall it was on had to come off too.

All the carpet in the down stairs bedroom was removed as well as the pad and the closet demolition started too.

The closet was constructed very… uhm… interesting and served no purpose other than a narrow room within a room. Since this will be our office the entire closet is getting removed.

The Japanese Maple Tree out the back deck started to change colors and you can see the naked Madrone trunk stripped of it’s smaller limbs as we started clearing the back yard overgrown mess!

We can now walk from our backyard more than 5 feet and not in a dense forest!

The dense forest looking toward our garage was amazing! This is not your normal pine tree it is more what you find in city homes but not taken care of in at least two or three years! These bushes had grown into trees, and mixed with black berry bushes.

The brush pile of cut limbs and shrubs was really starting to add up!!

The pile of demolition left-overs also started to over flow the front of the house too!

The first day was a success.

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  1. Oh man, your are doing demolitions and you didn’t invite me?! Hmmm, you don’t seem to be doing a very good job, the house is still standing. 🙂


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