Starting Vegetable Seeds

While it’s snowy and frigid outside, the calendar says we’re about 8 weeks away from our last frost day. That means one very exciting thing: it’s time to start seeds!
Previously, I posted some information on the rockwool substrate we’re using this year for the majority of our seed starting.
Rockwool preparation was the 1st step. It was then nestled into homes inside the humidity domes we have set up.
8 weeks out from our last frost date, we’re starting Sweet Corno di Toro peppers, bell peppers, brandywine, persimmon, black cherry, san marzano and pear tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, butternut squash,  and herbs.

I’ve already started strawberry seeds and the rest of the veggies that can be transplanted will be started in the next few weeks.
The rockwool cubes make seed starting very clean and simple. Once prepped just pop a seed into the small hole in the top of the cube. Since the rockwool has already been thoroughly saturated during the prepping stages, there is no need to add additional water and depending on conditions, may not need to be watered again for quite a few days.
Each tray and humidity dome sits on a heating mat to keep the seedlings warm to encourage germination.

Now, we wait while the germination begins!

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