We’re saving money with COUPONS!

I’ve shared with you my new project/hobby of couponing yesterday but I also want to give you some examples of what we’ve been able to save. I don’t plan to share these deals often unless you lovely readers enjoy them (so, speak up if you do).

On Sunday I was able to score my best deals in my short 2 weeks of couponing. Raleys in our area had a fantastic buy 4 or more deal for selected varieties of General Mills cereal for $1.50 each and I was able to pair that with multiple manufacturer coupons for $1 off 2. That brought the final price of Chex and Cheerios to $1.00 a box!! Raley’s also had Colgate Toothpaste on sale for $0.99 which paired with my $0.50 off coupon. Final price was $0.49 a tube!
Raley’s also offers gas rewards and we were able to earn $0.10 off per gallon…an added bonus. Depending on your location you may be able to save much more if you have stores that will double coupons. I don’t think such a thing exists in California.

I do want to stress (because I’ve heard the argument often) that you can indeed save money on quality food items. If you watch Extreme Couponing you’ll see many couponers have stocks of things like cleaning products, air fresheners, candy, etc. and I too am guilty of asking “why bother if I could only save on those things which we don’t ever buy?” Good deals for items my family uses are out there including coupons for natural and organic products. If you’re skeptical, I suggest browsing around to see what sort of coupons are available. Along with the toothpaste and cereal deals, we also took advantage of a Nature’s Path Organic Oatmeal deal. Sale and coupon savings brought the price from $3.59 to $1.50 and California Ranch Olive Oil sale and coupons brought the price from $12.29 to $5.99. See? Good quality things we would’ve purchased and consumed with or without coupons.
Whether you feel the strain on your grocery budget or not, couponing is an easy way to free up some extra cash. I’ll admit I feel a bit of pride when the husband gets excited about the great deals I’ve found AND it makes up for some of my lost income. I guess not everyone would get excited about toothpaste for $0.50 but we do!

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