Lights out…again.

As if we needed another reminder that winter is well on its way we’ve started the season of frequent power outages. One was due to a storm which means we were prepared for it. Heavy rains and strong winds of 40+mph are almost a guaranteed outage in our area. Another two outages were unexpected. We rely on our Honda generator from a previous post to keep our refrigerator cold and will fire it up if we’re without power for more than a couple hours. We also have a supply of battery powered lanterns which make navigation so much easier. We keep at least one in every room, including the bathroom, in designated areas so we know just where they are. This is a shot of the 3 that we use the most.

The green lantern is a Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Extreme 300-Lumen with 2 brightness settings, runs off of 3 D batteries, 72 to 150 hours of run time depending on the setting. Cost is about $25 on Amazon.

The smaller grey lantern is a  Brunton Polaris LED Lantern, 95 lumens, with 2 brightness settings, runs off of 3 C batteries, up to 45 hours of run time. Cost is about $32 on Amazon.

The small triangular light is a Pelion Motion Activated Wireless LED. Sold as an accent light in a 3 pack. Lumens unknown, runs off of  3 AA batteries, up to 80 hours of run time. This light has a lot of features the others dont offer. This piece is mountable, can be set to motion sensing  with 30 or 60 seconds of run time, or touch on/off, and each light bulb can be pivoted to customize the illumination. These were purchased at costco a while ago but I did find the same set on Amazon for about $20.

Lanterns on their low settings for comparison. The Brunton lantern is a much warmer glow than that of the Rayovac and pelion white LEDs. All in all, no complaints about any of them. They all serve their purpose and are useful for slightly different things.

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  1. The “wireless LEDs” that you get for closets in the hardware area of Wal-Mart are priceless. Cheap and easy way to get fairly bright lights for power outages. That and the battery operated LED christmas lights in white.

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