Forcing PaperWhite Narcissus Bulbs -Update 2

Just shy of 4 weeks since planting and I have blooms!


These paperwhites have graduated from the planter window where they get slightly cooler temperatures to the kitchen where they can be seen and enjoyed. I must say I’m not so fond of the smell they put off. I read they are rather aromatic and this being my first experience with paperwhite blooms I’m a bit surprised at just how smelly/stinky they really are. Their beauty will buy them time, the smell isn’t so bad that I would put them outside although the husband might.

Each bulb has grown and produced a cluster of quarter sized paperwhite flowers. At this point they’re only needing water about once a week- the ultimate low maintenance for me!
Follow their journey  here

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Rhi enjoys spending time with her family and working on the homestead. During spring and summer she is often found tending to her garden, and mini-orchard.

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