Growing Onion Sets

It is now the end of March and seeds are in the ground! Starting this growing season we’re still limited to 1 raised bed. The rest of the garden wont be prepared for another couple of weeks. Not wanting to miss out on valuable growing time the existing bed  was churned up with compost and soil booster.  This year we’re trying quite a few crops for the first time including peas, onions and carrots (which we tried last year but flopped).

The snow peas, sugar peas, and carrots didn’t make for enough content for a post so check back in a few weeks for a full post on each.

Onions being such a staple in cooking deserve a spot in the garden. Many books I’ve read also note their great storing ability which is very appealing. Having never planted them before I wasn’t entirely sure what to buy or what to expect. I ordered a few seed packets of various veggies from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds and added a 1lb bag  of red onion sets to the order.



Onions are placed 4″ apart and 1″ deep. They can be placed as close as 2″ and every other can be harvested as green onions to give the remaining ones room to grow. I never cook with green onions so I want to let them all grow to full size.
Nestled in with little time to spare, the rain came a few minutes later.
More to come at harvest.

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