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Weather Report - Timberline Homestead

Fire Season

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I suppose nearly every place on earth has a drawback of some sort when it comes to weather. Ours is the ever present threat of wild fire and it is a serious threat every single year. Living in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where we rarely get any rain in the summer months and temperatures easily top 90 degrees most of the summer, it is only a matter of time before we hear the fire news rolling in. We take precautions on our property such as clearing brush and limbs that have gotten too close to structures but that provides little comfort when surrounded by a forest that could fuel a raging fire for days. Read the rest of this entry »

Another snow storm

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At this point, I think mother nature might be trying to prove that she doesn’t need to adhere to the season changes in the calendar. Since the official beginning of spring less that a week ago, we caught the tail end of a winter storm which dropped somewhere around a foot and a half of snow over the course of 3 days with some additional rain and, currently, we’re cautiously enjoying the fury of a second storm.

Snow began at some point during the  night with heavy winds waking us up this morning. Each of us commented a handful of times how odd it was that we still had not lost power with the strength of the wind gusts between 40-60 mph and sure enough around noon the lights flickered and out it went. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Northern Sierra snow storm

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Apparently, Mother Nature wasn’t satisfied with the storm she sent our way last week. We had a short reprieve after the last storm I posted about: Northern Sierra Snow Storm. We were hit with about 22” of snow over a 3 day period and a power outage lasting about 72 hours the end of last week.

We just had the pleasure of enduring the 2nd storm.  I apologize for the monotony but this is what’s going on in our neck of the woods.
It snowed steadily Wednesday afternoon – Friday morning with new snow accumulation totaling at least 18”. As always, this storm brought with it strong wind gusts which caused some visibility issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Northern Sierra Snow Storm…the final tally

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The other day we posted the current conditions midway through the snow storm. As of Saturday the clouds have parted, the sun is out, the snow is melting but only Sunday afternoon did we get back to “normal”. We’re enjoying a day or 2 of sun just to be hit by another (hopefully smaller) storm later this week.
The total snow accumulation totaled around 22″.
The power was out for a full 72 hours. Multiple trees gave way under the weight of the wet snow on the road leading up the mountain causing some traffic delays and contributing to the power issues.

To our surprise late Friday night headlights were spotted on the trail 50′ from our back deck. It turned out to be a snow rig, a cab on snow tracks, belonging to the electric company who was evaluating the outage and searching for downed lines. Apparently they took a wrong turn! Read the rest of this entry »

Northern Sierra Snow Storm-Update

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Well, the storm we prepped for here came in about 24 hours later than expected. We had roughly 3 inches of snow fall on Wednesday with spurts of hail and periods of calm skies. The worst of the storm was delayed until last night. We woke up this morning to this:

Surprisingly,  with the strong winds of 20-30 mph we have not yet lost power (and I’m knocking on wood.)
The snow has been coming down steadily for hours now. We’re expecting an additional 6 inches between now and Friday.
This is the measure of snow accumulation at 9 inches:

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Northern Sierra Snow Storm

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It’s mid February and Mother Nature has been extremely gentle on us the past month or so. We’ve had high temperatures in the 60s and very few clouds. This year our snow fall started in November, giving us 3 feet of snow in 1 storm, with a hand full of small storms following with little accumulation.
Everything around here thinks its spring.

I’ve been telling myself since this spring-like weather started in January “don’t get used to it because old man winter will surely return.” And he’s coming tomorrow! You’d never suspect it by the gorgeous weather today.
The storm is forecast to arrive tomorrow afternoon and will linger through the rest of the week bringing with it 30-50 mph wind gusts, freezing temps, rain, freezing rain, and snow. Read the rest of this entry »

Snow & Rain coming to Northern CA

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Looks like another large storm front is moving down from Alaska to Northern California to bring

3-6 feet of new snow in the mountains and 4″+ of rain in the foothills and Sacramento Valley.

It looks like it should start Friday/Evening depending on location and go into next week!

Time to start preparing now for lots of snow, water or both!

Here’s what I’ve completed so far this morning.

1- Brought in more firewood

2- Loaded up the wheel barrow with more firewood and prepared for transport under covered area.

3- Topped off the diesel in the tracktor, 100% full now. (15 gallons)

4- 2 x 5gallon diesel cans moved to truck to get refilled on Saturday.

5- Prepared new 2 gallon gas can with fresh gas for the generator. The smaller can really makes

filling the ~1 gallon tank on my Honda EU2000 generator. Also the smaller gas can makes it much

easier for my wife to fill the generator. Lucky for us the Honda EU2000 generator lasts a VERY

LONG time on 1 gallon of fuel.

6- Rotate new gas cans with existing full fuel cans in storage location.

7- Made sure snow shovels, and brooms were ready for snow duty.

8- Top off the ATV with gasoline, and aim them for easy drive-out access in deep snow.

9- Prepare vehicles for leaving the property w/out the need to backup to make snow access much


10- Fill chainsaw with oil and gas, and check chain for sharpness.

11- Make new 1 gallon of gas / oil mix for chainsaw. (Just ran out!)

12- Make sure all rechargable lights are charged, and anything else rechargable is charged.