Another Northern Sierra snow storm

Apparently, Mother Nature wasn’t satisfied with the storm she sent our way last week. We had a short reprieve after the last storm I posted about: Northern Sierra Snow Storm. We were hit with about 22” of snow over a 3 day period and a power outage lasting about 72 hours the end of last week.

We just had the pleasure of enduring the 2nd storm.  I apologize for the monotony but this is what’s going on in our neck of the woods.
It snowed steadily Wednesday afternoon – Friday morning with new snow accumulation totaling at least 18”. As always, this storm brought with it strong wind gusts which caused some visibility issues.
The forecast changed from the first prediction of the worst of the storm hitting Thursday-Friday, then to the storm being delayed and hitting Friday-Saturday, then ultimately Friday night the worst of the storm was called off.
This was to be a pretty impressive storm dropping snow down to levels below 1500 ft and even down to 1000 ft which is very rare. That too was called off.
And an added bonus with this storm….. a hard freeze. Temperatures dropped into the teens over night freezing our pipes outside the well house. That issue is currently being tended to.
No surprise the power went out in the wee morning hours Thursday. This outage lasted around 24 hours.

And of course Moose the poodle was as excited as a little kid to go play in the snow. Thursday morning was extra entertaining watching him frog leap through the almost shoulder deep new powder and navigating some of the taller piles of plowed snow.

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