Northern Sierra Snow Storm…the final tally

The other day we posted the current conditions midway through the snow storm. As of Saturday the clouds have parted, the sun is out, the snow is melting but only Sunday afternoon did we get back to “normal”. We’re enjoying a day or 2 of sun just to be hit by another (hopefully smaller) storm later this week.
The total snow accumulation totaled around 22″.
The power was out for a full 72 hours. Multiple trees gave way under the weight of the wet snow on the road leading up the mountain causing some traffic delays and contributing to the power issues.

To our surprise late Friday night headlights were spotted on the trail 50′ from our back deck. It turned out to be a snow rig, a cab on snow tracks, belonging to the electric company who was evaluating the outage and searching for downed lines. Apparently they took a wrong turn!

Usually this prolonged power outage would not have been a problem. HOWEVER, the generator we keep for the well pump was down the mountain awaiting some fixin’ up so we were on a water ration. We used jugs of water we had stored for washing up, bottled water for cooking, and captured the run off for flushing the toilet.

We made it through the storm unscathed. No major damage to the property and no car accidents going to and fro.
After a couple days without electricity I tend to get a bit annoyed by the chores piling up. I will admit though that I do enjoy having no reason to feel guilty about curling up with a book or a crochet project when the sink is full of dishes or laundry piles up.
It’s back to real life as soon as the power kicks back on. Laundry is going, dishes are being washed, clean, clean, clean, all with the hum of electricity in the background.

I almost forgot about these pictures of Moose playing in the snow on day 1 of the storm. His first task when it snows is to consume as much as he possibly can. He must think its a delicacy.

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