Snow & Rain coming to Northern CA

Looks like another large storm front is moving down from Alaska to Northern California to bring

3-6 feet of new snow in the mountains and 4″+ of rain in the foothills and Sacramento Valley.

It looks like it should start Friday/Evening depending on location and go into next week!

Time to start preparing now for lots of snow, water or both!

Here’s what I’ve completed so far this morning.

1- Brought in more firewood

2- Loaded up the wheel barrow with more firewood and prepared for transport under covered area.

3- Topped off the diesel in the tracktor, 100% full now. (15 gallons)

4- 2 x 5gallon diesel cans moved to truck to get refilled on Saturday.

5- Prepared new 2 gallon gas can with fresh gas for the generator. The smaller can really makes

filling the ~1 gallon tank on my Honda EU2000 generator. Also the smaller gas can makes it much

easier for my wife to fill the generator. Lucky for us the Honda EU2000 generator lasts a VERY

LONG time on 1 gallon of fuel.

6- Rotate new gas cans with existing full fuel cans in storage location.

7- Made sure snow shovels, and brooms were ready for snow duty.

8- Top off the ATV with gasoline, and aim them for easy drive-out access in deep snow.

9- Prepare vehicles for leaving the property w/out the need to backup to make snow access much


10- Fill chainsaw with oil and gas, and check chain for sharpness.

11- Make new 1 gallon of gas / oil mix for chainsaw. (Just ran out!)

12- Make sure all rechargable lights are charged, and anything else rechargable is charged.

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