Storing Dried Beans with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

We go through a fair amount of beans and buckwheat in this house. To save a bit of money to allow us to buy higher quality foods we try to buy in bulk. We’ve put our FoodSaver vacuum sealer into action to help store the larger amounts of these dry goods. I spent some time today storing this 50-lb bag of Navy Beans. Finally getting to the bottom of the bag in this picture!

We choose to vacuum seal foods when it’s appropriate to allow for longer storage in the cool, damp basement. We just don’t have room in the pantry to keep everything.
What I’ve found works best for us is to measure the amount of beans (or what have you) that fits into the container we eat from in the pantry. We picked up a few different sizes of these plastic containers with twist on lids and they work well. This way I know when I grab a vacuum sealed bag of beans from the basement they’ll fit perfectly into my plastic storage container. The container I designated for the beans holds about 6 cups.

I measured that amount into each labeled vacuum sealer bag and sealed away. The FoodSaver rolls are great for sealing projects like this one because while the premade bags are incredibly convenient you can cut the rolls to just the right size so there is minimal waste.

All sealed up and ready to be packed in the box to be moved to the basement!

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