Outside before pictures

This is a collection of pictures of what the landscape and area around our house looked like prior to us cleaning it up.

Trees and brush left of entrance to rear deck.

Directly off the rear deck (left side).

Picture taken from left of deck looking to right of deck. Low growing shrubs around our Japanese Maple Tree. No view of backyard or pine trees.

View from garage side door to back of house. Fallen trees, black berries up in the trees, and many small trees starting to grow on the left.

Right outside the garage side entrance. Looking parrel to the way the house is (house is to the right as image above this shows). This picture is to the LEFT of the image above this one.

Looking from the cleared back yard toward the house. Notice the fallen trees (one on each side near exact same spot), and many trees crowding the Japanese Maple on the left.

This picture is to the right of the picture above it. This picture is looking right at the side of the garage. The side where the picture 3 up was taken.

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