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We are finally enjoying the fruits of our labor!


We’ve learned the harvesting season is much later (as expected) up here than down in the valley. The average daily temperature is still in the high 80’s to mid 90’s with evening temps averaging in the low 60’s and a few in the mid 50’s. The sunlight is noticeably shorter and we’ve had a few cool days the past 2 weeks. I was beginning to get worried that the season was just too short to get a decent crop. It is now mid- August and this past week has given us our first red tomatoes! They’re turning red but not completely ripe so we’re holding out for a few more days. Interestingly, only the tomatoes we left in pots on the deck have begun to ripen. We are expecting a fairly large yeild from our 9 or 10 plants- hopefully enough to try canning some.

For about a month we’ve been harvesting zucchinis but only over the past 2 weeks have they been producing steadily. We now are enjoying about 3-4 medium sized zukes a week. We have 3 plants- one in the raised bed which is our steady producer and has grown into a large leafed plant, and 2 that are much smaller in pots on the deck one of which hasnt given us anything and the other produces but much slower than the large plant.

Our bell peppers have begun to grow more quickly and we have harvested 2 or 3 medium sized green peppers from the 3 plants that we have (all are in the raised bed).  The largest of the 3 plants finally has peppers on it- about 8 or 9. I cant wait to make stuffed peppers fresh from the garden.

The sweet corn wasnt very successful this year. Of the row of about 15 seeds only 3 sprouted and 2 survived. There is an ear on each plant and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they will continue to grow.

The broccoli were sacrificed a while back because of the aphid problem that was mentioned. It got to be more hassle than it was worth which was dissapointing because they were the strongest most promising plants early in the season.

We also attempted strawberries, lettuce, and carrots none of which grew. The lettuce wilted in the heat and died early on, the carrot seeds were accidently flooded by the husband and the strawberries just didnt want to grow this year. Lots of lessons learned!

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Rhi enjoys spending time with her family and working on the homestead. During spring and summer she is often found tending to her garden, and mini-orchard.

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