Office Remodel Start to Finish

This room started as a bedroom and now serves as the office. Start to finish we go.

(As mentioned in previous posts these pictures were taken before we closed but after we did some cleaning to spruce it up so the lender would be so kind to finance our house. )


This picture shows the far corner of the office. We’re lacking in pictures of the other walls but you’ll see those in the progress pictures. This room measures approximately 312 square feet with a tall vaulted ceiling 2 large windows and 1 narrow window. The seams in the ceiling are visible in this picture.

Demolition Day


First things first, the stinky carpet had to go. The trap door to the basement is visible here. Also, on the left side is the closet with drywall removed.


This is the closet after the drywall removal began. You can see the awkward configuration. The closet ran the length of the wall, was about 3 feet deep, and only had 1 small door to access it. This meant having to shimmy along the length of the closet to get to things in the far corner…not very practical.


This shows the “shelf” that was built at the top of the closet (above the door) which was too small to actually store things and in my mind could only accumulate dust. Another impractical design choice.

Drywall Complete!



This is the “closet wall” after drywall work.


And a fresh coat of texture.

Move-In Ready!


This is the “closet wall” finished.


Lots of Killz primer, paint, new office carpet and blinds.

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