Installing a new roof

The largest repair the house needed as soon as we purchased it was a roof! With winter only a month away it was a must.

As you can see from this picture the gutters were falling off, and shingles were missing.


What you can’t see is the near 25sqft of bare sheathing on the top, and the 2″ hole from a branch at the top of the roof as well.

Needless to say the roof and gutters needed removing and repaired!


The shingles that get sun all day had started to lift, shift, and fall out. This was probably due to the nails (or staples) used on this roof that was put on in the 1980’s. The roofing material itself was not in that bad of condition had it been able to stay in place it probably would have been “ok” for another couple years.


The roofing crew came out and tore it all down within a day and a half, and had it prepped for the new roof in no time.


As you can see the roof is a bit steep so putting up the shingles would have to be done from ladders and walkways with the workers in harnesses.


Unlucky for us the night the paper was laid it rained! Luckily there were only a few minor leaks (paper only), and nothing was ruined as we dried it out very quickly.



This is in the office against the back wall.  We checked the drywall and no water! YAY! The water must have ran down a stud to the floor! Either way we setup the propane heater and let it run for a few hours in this room against that wall to dry it all out.


A small patch of wet drywall was removed and replaced in the upstairs bedroom. This is where the dormer was and there are multiple 2x4s stacked up they acted as a pathway for water to go from the roof that leaked down to the drywall. Luckily it was minor, and we cut out a lot more drywall than was wet to be 100% sure the old wet stuff was gone.


The new roof was the same color scheme just a high-definition version (note: not the as you get at home depot, more on this later) 30 year composition asphalt shingle, the paper was 30lb and was doubled in transition areas.

The new roof alone made the house look 100x better!rearafter

The garage also got a brand new 30 year comp shingle roof and gutters.


So far there has been no leaks or issues with the new roof.

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Rhi enjoys spending time with her family and working on the homestead. During spring and summer she is often found tending to her garden, and mini-orchard.

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