Master Bedroom Remodel Start to Finish

This is the larger of the 2 bedrooms neither has an attached bathroom. 3 windows, a good sized closet, and very spacious but this room needed a face lift.




The carpet was stained more places than one could count with cat urine and the walls and doors were beat up.




The carpet was the first thing to go and not far behind was the paneling around the closet. The holes in the walls were patched and the entire room was re textured.
Not pictured in this section is the sealing step on the floor. Both bedrooms took about 3 coats of Killz Oil Based Primer to seal those urine stains. The last thing we want is to have to tear out the new carpet because of lingering pet stains.

Move-In Ready



New paint and carpet! What a difference those 2 things make.
Next on the list is outlet covers then baseboards!

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