Onions Bloomed

Well we had some extremely hot days mixed with cool nights and the onions bolted. This being the first year we’ve grown them I really wasnt sure what to expect but knew this was a bad sign. I pulled the rest of the onions up and was disappointed to say the least to see that they had not even doubled in size since being planted. First onion season was a failure but at least had some pretty flowers to enjoy.

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  1. Same here, what did I do wrong?

  2. Hi Glen,
    I dont think its necessarily something that you did. When the temperature fluctuates too much onions tend to bolt. The reason is that onions, which take 2 years to cycle from seed to seed, are triggered by temperature change to begin their blooming/seeding stage. Too much of a temperature swing can confuse the plant and they’ll seed prematurely.
    Did you have any bulb growth before they bolted?
    We will try ours again next year. This growing season has thrown us and everyone else in the area with a garden for a loop.
    Thanks for reading and happy growing!

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