Concrete driveway removal with the M59

With winter approaching it’s been top priority to make the garage more water proof than in the years past. When we purchased our home it didn’t have a garage door on one side and the other was an old wooden door that was warped enough to allow cats in and out! Needless to say the door was not water proof, and even with it closed the garage flooded all the way to the back wall.

The real problem wasn’t the door but the small concrete driveway in front as it was installed improperly and sloped into the garage! With a leaky door, and water running toward the garage it was a very bad combo. We were lucky enough to have a new garage door installed last weekend (post on that soon) but with a heavy storm on the way it was time to remove the concrete!

I had already removed some with a sledge hammer, and attempted at removing more just to clean up in front of the garage this was not working so it was time to bring out the big guns! I fired up the Kubota M59 and let her warm a bit before it was destruction time!  I was expecting to have to break it up into small pieces to move it but even at slightly above an idle the Kubota M59 backhoe was capable of lifting even the largest chunks I broke! (The large chunks that appear to have cracked but are lined up perfectly cracked when I set them down with the tractor backhoe.)

I was busy all week, and when it started to drizzle I realized it was time to take it out. Unfortunately that was last night around 8pm so in the dark I removed the concrete chunks from the garage driveway, and made a nice little pile with the Kubota backhoe. This was only the second time I had used the Kubota Tractor in the dark and I can safely say investing in the front and rear work lights have paid off! They are as bright as a car headlight and illuminate enough to make using the kubota m59 in the dark a viable option!

kubota m59 concrete driveway

Since I got started late, it was raining and dark and these are not ideal conditions to be working in I decided to put the Kubota to rest without ripping out the rest of the driveway. It was only important that I remove the concrete directly in front of the garage entrance to prevent water flow anyway.

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