Concrete driveway removal with the M59

With winter approaching it’s been top priority to make the garage more water proof than in the years past. When we purchased our home it didn’t have a garage door on one side and the other was an old wooden door that was warped enough to allow cats in and …

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Buying a Kubota Tractor

We’ve decide on the tractor we are going to buy, it’s the Kubota M59 TLB. We decided on this model kubota for many reasons. Size to power ratio This unit is small enough to fit between the trees, and on the trails and roads on our property. It also has …

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Kubota Tractor Shopping

Renting a tractor is no cheap cost and maxing out the usage during the rental time requires multiple rentals, and a lot of money out of pocket! So we’ve started looking at purchasing a Kubota Tractor… we are checking tractor auctions, craigslist, ebay, new, and more!

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