Buying a Kubota Tractor

We’ve decide on the tractor we are going to buy, it’s the Kubota M59 TLB.

We decided on this model kubota for many reasons.

  • Size to power ratio
    This unit is small enough to fit between the trees, and on the trails and roads on our property.
    It also has the power to move a lot of dirt, and do some serious digging 🙂
  • Strength
    We went with the M59 TLB because of how strong the entire Kubota tractor is put together.
    We have no plans for any mid-mount attachments, and utilizing the space for strength made sense for us.
  • PTO availability
    We looked at older/used construction models and what we looked at did not have the rear PTO which would have severely limited the tractors use. We want something that we can use for many things, and having a rear PTO and rear hydraulics were key to this.
  • PTO Power.
    With plans to add a wood chipper in the future the high power PTO will surely come in handy.
  • High volume hydraulics.
    With the high volume hydraulic system we can run bobcat attachments such as a post hole digger on the FEL or a concrete hammer on the backhoe. While we don’t plan to own these attachments knowing we can rent them for the odd job will sure help!

Once the unit arrives we are hoping to finish the garden leveling before winter, and work on leveling out and clearing some space around the garage.

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