Starting seeds indoors

It’s that time of year again. Even with snow on the ground and cold gloomy days I know spring is not far away because it’s time to start my very early seeds! We ordered some perma nest sets a few months ago and I’ve been itching to use them. After buying a couple of the flimsy plastic seed starting kits the last 2 years we decided it made more economical sense to buy the heavy duty, easy to clean, reusable seed starting trays once since we can expect to get many years of good use out of them.


We have a planter window that I usually over winter a flower or 2 in but I really want to utilize this space for seed starting. We got smaller seed trays so they would fit comfortably in the window.
We invested in some seedling heating mats to help create optimal germination conditions. I added a towel under the mat for some extra insulation. All snug and cozy.  I also  found some temperature controls that connect to the heating mat that will trigger the heating mat to kick on when the temperature falls below the set temperature. They’re a bit too expensive right now after buying all these trays.


Two 10 cell peat pots fit nicely in the small size seed tray.


Now, I’m sure I got a bit too excited about the lids. You might be wondering what could be so impressive about a plastic lid. Well perhaps you’re not familiar with these deluxe humidity control, vented, extra tall dome lids!!


And its plain, much less expensive relative:


Thats the equipment and the setup. I started some strawberry seeds when I was taking these pictures. I will share the progress soon.

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Rhi enjoys spending time with her family and working on the homestead. During spring and summer she is often found tending to her garden, and mini-orchard.

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