Our Garage

Priming T1-11 on the garage

As most are aware we replaced t1-11 on our garage.. I guess I should say add more T1-11 to the garage 🙂 The T1-11 we used was primed, however since this side gets sun all day in summer and most of the day in winter I decided I wanted to …

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Parking next to garage

The area next to the garage always has had a narrow flat walk way, and a small gradual hill to the flat area about 4′ higher. This area is pretty useless for storing anything bigger than a couple trash cans, or a work bench. Even the ATVs were too big …

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Replacing T1-11 on the garage

The garage probably has the original paint, and original T1 11 siding on it from 1985 and was maybe fixed up once or twice since. Needless to say it needed repair! What started out with plans to sand, and re-paint the garage quickly turned into removing the old siding and …

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