Priming T1-11 on the garage

As most are aware we replaced t1-11 on our garage.. I guess I should say add more T1-11 to the garage 🙂

The T1-11 we used was primed, however since this side gets sun all day in summer and most of the day in winter I decided I wanted to make sure it was extra coated!

Today we added 2 coats of Killz2 primer to the t1 11 siding.

It’s hard to tell in the picture since it got shady toward the end but the white is blinding!

From the bottom up about 1 foot we also put on a 3rd coat to make sure we had an even lower chance of moisture penetration.

This week is supposed to be sunny so I will leave the tarp off the door, and finish up the trim, and then paint the entire side with our Valspar exterior paint.

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