Parking next to garage

The area next to the garage always has had a narrow flat walk way, and a small gradual hill to the flat area about 4′ higher. This area is pretty useless for storing anything bigger than a couple trash cans, or a work bench. Even the ATVs were too big to park alongside this area, and to get them around back had to drive up the hill, and then back down. Luckily the Kubota M59 tractor was about to change this!

This is the original picture. It’s somewhat misleading as it gives the idea that you could pull next to the garage if you were careful. The area is not nearly wide enough, and the slope picks up more than it looks since the ground is actually sloped more than the leaves would make it seem!

Getting the tractor in there to start doing work was going to be tough, and would require starting out with the backhoe to move dirt.

I actually started from the backside of the garage since I have plans to make a storage shed off the back of the garage, and getting the tractor to it even from the back access road was going to be interesting too!

This is a picture from the front of the garage looking back, just like the above original shots. The dirt pile that is barely visible in the back left is from leveling out behind the garage. All the dirt from this area was moved elsewhere. Surprisingly it was a LOT of dirt.

As it is seen now my kubota M59 tractor can park next to the garage, and I’ve even gotten my Ford F250 4 Door short bed next there too!

The biggest issue now is the entrance, and the pine tree (that is not going anywhere).

Stay tuned for updates 🙂

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