Sewing Curtain Valances

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I recently posted my crib skirt project. Of course we need matching valances! I’ve used the same 3 fabrics for the curtains as I did for the crib skirt: a grey and white pin stripe, a teal solid, and Celebrate Seuss.

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Sewing a Crib Bed Skirt

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My latest project, which has taken me far too long to actually pick up, was sewing up a crib bed skirt. After spending some time looking for ready made options online I decided home made was the way to go even though I’m a novice. I couldn’t find anything in the stores that grabbed my attention enough to want to spend money on it.

We had decided on a theme for the nursery: Dr. Seuss. Oh, how I love Dr. Seuss. We bought some different Dr. Seuss fabric samples and finally decided on the Celebrate Seuss bright allover characters print with 2 accent fabrics.

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Quilted Table Topper

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I recently undertook my first real quilting project. I had in mind a table topper with bright colors that would suffice for Easter and all of spring. I went to the fabric store with the intent to keep the visit short, in and out was the plan. However, once I got in there I couldn’t narrow down my options. Thank goodness for charm squares is all I have to say. For those that aren’t familiar, a charm square is a bundle of precut fabrics, usually in the same design theme, packaged together for quilting purposes. I walked out with a bundle of Moda Fabrics Fresh Cotton squares and 2 different larger pieces of fabric for both the front and back of the project. I just could not resist the vintage charm of the Fresh Cotton prints.  The trim and batting would be leftovers from a different sewing project.

Once I decided on the 4 prints, the squares were cut in half on a diagonal to create 8 triangles, 4 for the front and 4 for the back.

For the front, the 4 triangles were pieced together to form a square, then trimmed with the main print for the back of the table topper, then placed onto the main square of fabric. Read the rest of this entry »

Crocheted Baby Shoes and Flower Headband

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We recently found out that there will be a new addition to our extended family this summer. The day we found out a baby girl is joining us I could not wait to pull out the girly yarns I had and make a little something for her.


A tiny pair of baby mary janes and a matching flower headband. Read the rest of this entry »

Crocheted Shawl

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As you know, we have had a lot of rain/ snow over the last couple of weeks which means plenty of time indoors and extra time to crochet! I cranked out this lacey looking shawl made from Lion Brand silk mohair using their South Bay Shawlette pattern in a few evenings.


This was my first time using this thread-like hairy yarn made of 70% mohair (made from angora goat hair) and 30% silk. I chose this bright citrus color called Sunbeam. Read the rest of this entry »

Crocheted Snowflake Ornaments

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This Christmas we filled our tree with handmade crocheted ornaments. These guys work up quickly,  from 20- 45 minutes. I used some bright, fun colors to add some spice to the tree.

The patterns came from a book called Big Book of Thread Ornaments to Crochet by Leisure Arts. Read the rest of this entry »

Penncrest Sewing Machine

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This wonderful piece of machinery was passed on to me a few weeks ago. What is it exactly? It’s a 1971!! Penncrest sewing machine that works like a charm and has not a dent or ding on it. Complete with sewing table and all the accessories I could ever need. I have started sorting through the treasure trove and working on a few pieces. Sewing is new to me (feels like it anyway after so many years) and makes for slow going.

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Blocking knits

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Thought I’d share my latest crochet project because it involved a new step for me. This is the first project I’ve made that required the shaping and blocking step.

This scarf was blocked in segments because I didn’t have a piece of cardboard large enough to accommodate it’s length. Since this piece has a lot of open space it needed the extra shaping that blocking provides to give it a finished look by removing the ripply, uneven effect.
It’s really quite simple, pin the item into the desired shape onto a piece of cardboard and thoroughly moisten the yarn with a spray water bottle. You can also wet the piece before pinning but I found it much easier to do after. Allow it to dry, remove the pins and you are left with a nicely shaped knitted garment.

Crocheted Owl

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This little crocheted amigurimi owl was a project I stumbled on while searching for a  Crochet Today pattern for something else. He’s so charming I just had to make one. For those not familiar, amigurimi is the art of creating small stuffed creatures from crocheted pieces. Mr Owl stands about 4 or 5 inches tall and worked up in a few hours. Read the rest of this entry »

Crocheted Baby Blanket

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Made for a friend who recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy.


This is a giant granny square with many rounds. A very simple design as I’m still getting back into the “groove” of crocheting.  Also, I think its a good multi season blanket. The holes in the pattern will allow for plenty of circulation and the weight of this yarn will retain some warmth. A solid design with this yarn would’ve been far too heavy for anything but the dead of winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Granny Squares Blanket

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This is a project that I worked on during the winter months but forgot about until now. This was the first time picking up a crochet needle in oh.. about 12-13 years. It was a bit of a nostalgic project for me. I’d been taught many many years ago by an aunt of mine who was heavy into knitting and crocheting.
I started with what seemed like 1,000 of these little squares that are really quite simple to make. After a dozen they become tedious. Crocheting is a mindless relaxing past time for me so the tediousness really is tolerable.

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