Penncrest Sewing Machine

This wonderful piece of machinery was passed on to me a few weeks ago. What is it exactly? It’s a 1971!! Penncrest sewing machine that works like a charm and has not a dent or ding on it. Complete with sewing table and all the accessories I could ever need. I have started sorting through the treasure trove and working on a few pieces. Sewing is new to me (feels like it anyway after so many years) and makes for slow going.

I dont have any specs on this  piece. None are provided in the manual.

Also got this set of cams for decorative stitches.

I have a few projects in the works right now that hopefully will turn out well enough to share photos.

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  1. I love to sew. I have sewn most of my 4 year olds clothing and when he was a baby did his cloth diapers. Sewing is so much fun.

  2. Rosalinda S Parra

    I have the exact same machine. I also have a copy of the manual that came with it. Can i help?

  3. Hi Rosalinda!
    I have not been able to adjust the tension properly. I’ve tried the tips in the manual and something still isnt right. It skips stitches and stitches very loosely. Any suggestions?

  4. I just bought one of the penncrest 2601 machines for my daughter. It is almost just like this one in the photo. Does anyone have a manual for it? I cannot get the bobbin to work right and know I am doing something wrong, just not sure what.


  5. Lauren Ferreira


    I have the same, or very similar, machine and don’t have the manual. I have no idea how to sew or use the machine. Any chance you know where I can find a manual online?



  6. Hi Lauren,
    I don’t have any suggestions as to where to find the manual online. I never searched for it as I still have the manual. If there’s something specific you’d like me to look for, let me know and I’ll dig out the old book.

  7. Hi Kathie,
    Apologies for the extremely late reply. If you’re still in need, I’d be happy to copy the bobbin info in the manual and send it your way.

  8. Please help i own a Penncrest 2601 sewing machine and I need a manual I have the chart of making the decorative designs, but not the manual. Will share. Thank you.

  9. Hi, I also have no Manuel for a pen crest model 2601. Just looking for a few answers: how to thread correctly,( I think I almost have it, just not sure), also need a bobbin #, need to buy some! Next need to learn how to thread it and install it into the machine. (My old Singer is quite different than this). Any help will be appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  10. I recently was given one of these without cams. The dogfeed does not come up high enough to pull the fabric through. Can thid be fixed (where) and can I get a manuel and a set of cams?

  11. That machine looks very similar to my 2601. I just got the machine but it didn’t have the manual. Do you still have a copy? I’d be willing to pay for a photo copy or PFD of the full manual if possible.

  12. Looking for a manual for my mother’s Penncrest 2601 sewing machine any one can help appreciate your time.

  13. I have the Exact same model! You are the 1st person I have found who has this model and I’m hoping you might be able to help me. 6 months ago I I was working on a project and it just stopped stitching Correctly. I have taken it apart and cleaned it and YouTubed hundreds of videos try to figure it out but because mine was built into a table I cannot get it into a machine shop. If you might be able to help me figure out what I am doing wrong I would be greatly appreciated.

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