Heavy rains in mountains of california

Last weekend California experienced heavy rains, and high speed winds and those of us in the mountains got even more!

We received over 4″ of rain, and winds approaching 30mph where we are located. Power went out for about 8 hours, and we were able to put the Honda EU2000i to use. The generator was actually able to power the office, plasma TV, Direct TV box, and our refrigerator even at startup. The refrig at startup definitely lugged the generator for a second but then everything was working as it should! We are using the Honda EU2000i on extension cord currently other than being messy and a pain in the house it’s working great! (Generator is not in the house.)

During the storm I decided to drive around the property and take some pictures of the huge amounts of water that was coming down all over!

This is between the hills in the backyard. Old road straight ahead now blocked, existing used road to the left, and road behind where I took this picture.

This is what it looked like behind me as I took this picture.

Years of erosion has caused the one side to be a perfect place for water to flow.

This is behind the garage, and is dirt that was brought in to level it out. We were expecting runoff, and plan to put in drainage which will actually go past picture #1 which is well over 200 feet away. The flood water above was actually running from in front of the garage, and up the hill over 200 feet from where I took that picture. The water all was flowing into picture #1. Lucky for us, a little way out of picture #1 is where the pond is planned 🙂

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