Freezing Cookie Dough

In order to prepare for Christmas festivities this year, I started preparing batches of cookie dough to freeze. When I had a quiet evening I would whip up a batch or 2 and freeze it. When Christmas eve rolled around, my task was simply to toss them in the oven. I was so pleased with the ease of this method that I plan to continue to freeze dough to minimize food waste. With only a few mouths to feed it’s impossible to eat an entire batch of baked cookies  before they go stale. Ok, not  impossible but unhealthy to say the least. Honestly, this is a great way to help eat those sweets in moderation. I froze a total of 4 varieties but have lost some pictures.
Here are some chocolate filled Russian Tea Cakes. The key to successfully keeping individual cookies is to freeze them completely before allowing them to touch.

Once frozen, I put them in labeled freezer bags with baking instructions written on it.

Another variety that froze well was this cranberry-raspberry shortbread. For this kind, I rolled it into a log, wrapped it in wax paper, then tin foil.

I also froze a batch of gingerbread cut out cookies. Again, they were allowed to freeze completely on a cookie sheet in the freezer before putting them into the freezer safe container.
The best part is knowing you can bake up a couple fresh cookies in 15 minutes when the crazing hits.

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