More pictures of how our house looked to start

I want to make sure the before pictures are as well documented as the during and after pictures for work done on our house. So that is why there will be a decent number of posts outlining and showcasing what the house had and looked like prior to the work completed.

This picture shows the dead branch STUCK in our roof, and the shingles cracked, falling off of our roof. Also shows an imporerly intalled vent, and bad gutters.

This picture shows the backyard over grown and the overall condition of the back deck, roof, etc.

This shot shows the front of the garage… it also shows a tree to the right of the garage, and a pine tree to the right of the garage. Also large limbs to the left of the garage are shown too. These items will require serous triming to prevent fire hazards.

This is the back side side of the house. It shows the down stairs room other windows and part of the deck.

This image shows how overgrown the back yard is directly off the rear deck and that it was a forest up to right off the deck when we got the house. Luckily for us pine needles prevented weeds from growing all over though!

If you were standing on the front of the house and looked to your left and straight this is what you would see. A rather nice cleared area full of downed limbs and lumber that needs to be cleared out.

This image shows the large pile of brush needing to be cleared/removed/burned. It’s what you see in teh background of the previous image.

A look up our driveway from the road. The house is further up and to the right of this.

More pictures to come.

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